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Every team needs a game plan.
Every retirement needs a Claim Plan.

Claim Plan is your home for Social Security benefit optimization.

What is a Claim Plan?

Why we’re passionate about what we do

If you’ve ever played or watched sports before, you understand that having success on the field begins by making a game plan off the field. When game day comes, this plan serves as a valuable resource to execute the strategies it takes to win.

Retirement is very much the same way. In order to have a dependable stream of income in retirement, it takes careful thought and preparation to ensure your future needs will be met.

One of the key sources of retirement income for many Americans is Social Security. Throughout our working careers, both we and our employers contribute to Social Security to provide income benefits once we retire.

Many Baby Boomers and Pre Retirees have a game plan for retirement income, but far fewer have taken the time to analyze the best way to take their Social Security income.

That’s where Claim Plan comes in. We’re a network of Financial Professionals specializing in helping people understand the complexities of Social Security to help you get the most from your hard-earned benefits. We’re glad you’ve found us. Let’s make a Claim Plan!

Your  Claim Plan

Want to see what your Claim Plan will look like? Here’s just a sample of the 31 page Claim Plan report we’ll make just for you.


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